Revenues up $288 million despite cuts

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Missouri's general revenue expenditures are projected to grow by $288 million this year, even after recent budget cuts by Gov. Bob Holden.

Most of that growth, however, will cover rising health care costs through three state agencies. Many other agencies actually will have less general revenue money to spend this year than they did last year, according to figures released Tuesday by Holden's budget office.

General revenues, which consist largely of income and sales taxes, are a main source of money for state government. But they comprise less than half of the state's $19.2 billion budget, with federal and others funds making up the difference.

Holden in August announced money withholdings that his budget office said Tuesday would trim more than $185 million in general revenues. Holden could later release all or part of that money, if economic conditions improve.

The net effect would still be a $288 million increase over the general revenue expenditures for the 2001 fiscal year that ended June 30.

Of that increase, $121 million would go to the Department of Social Services, largely to cover rising costs in the Medicaid health care program for the poor, blind and disabled.

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