Letter to the Editor

Religious roots of these attacks isn't acceptable

Sunday, September 16, 2001

To the editor:

Thank God this attack on our country did not happen a year ago.

We have a man in the White House that has a decent idea of what the military is for. It is easy for an ignorant person to say bomb that place of destroy that position. That would not be taking action but simply reacting. It is something else to have a leader intelligent enough to recognize that we must fight the concept of terrorism and not some individual radical group. Destroy one of these groups and there are a dozen -- or more -- to take its place.

There will be such a world reaction to what has taken place that Osama bin Laden will become a curse on the people who have given him sanctuary.

Jesus said, "The poor you will always have with you." It seems he could have also included the bigoted the biased, those among us frustrated with their own inadequacies and willing -- indeed eager -- to blame someone else for their problems.

I believe that Osama bin Laden and persons like him are using their religion for there own purposes just as Christians in the past have used theirs to justify acts which are I firmly believe will not be found acceptable to our one common God in that time we all must face.

A prayer occurs to me that I heard a long time ago: Have mercy on me, O God, in that hour when a must stand before thee like a child whose hands are being examined.

God help us all.


Cape Girardeau