Madonna pledges money to help victims' families

LOS ANGELES -- Madonna resumed her regular tour schedule at the Staples Center, offering a moment of silence for those killed and injured in the terrorist attacks and pledging the proceeds from the show to help victims' families.

"It was really an awesome inspiration that she took time out" to honor the victims, one male fan told KNBC-TV of Thursday's show.

The singer canceled her concert Tuesday after the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

On Thursday, ticketholders were told to arrive at least one hour early before each sold-out performance to allow enough time for them to make it through heightened security procedures.

Each of the 18,000 people entering the arena had to go through a maze of security checks that included searches of purses and pockets. Extra officers and bomb-sniffing dogs also were there.

Madonna was scheduled to perform again Friday at the Staples Center. Tickets for Tuesday's canceled date will be honored Saturday.

Connecticut Sen. Dodd, wife have first child

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Christopher Dodd and his wife are the new parents of a baby girl.

The Connecticut Democrat's wife, Jackie Marie Clegg, gave birth Thursday night at a northern Virginia hospital.

The baby is named Grace after both her grandmothers. She weighs 7 pounds and is 20 inches long.

"They're doing terrific," Dodd spokesman Marvin Fast said. "Both of them are elated."

Dodd, 57, and Clegg, 39, the vice chairwoman and chief operating officer of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, were married in 1999 after years of dating. This is the first child for both.

Clegg formerly worked 10 years as the legislative assistant to then Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah.

Tennis champ drafted into Croatian military

ZAGREB, Croatia -- Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic has been drafted for compulsory duty in the Croatian military.

But the call-up, which came Thursday on his 30th birthday, will not disrupt his professional career. Top sportsmen in Croatia are exempt from regular service, which normally requires conscripts to be lodged at a military base for a year.

Instead, Ivanisevic will have to report to military officials when he is in the country and receive the most basic military training over a six-month period starting Nov. 27.

"I passed my physical," Ivanisevic told the daily Sportske Novosti on Friday. "My vision is slightly impaired, but my hearing is top-notch."

When asked which unit of the army he'd most prefer to be assigned to, Ivanisevic said whichever unit doesn't require 20-20 vision.

"Artillery is fine, but I shouldn't be shooting. I'd totally miss even something the size of a house," he joked.

Ivanisevic is currently resting a stress fracture on his sole. He has been training lightly and is expected to return to the tennis courts in a Davis Cup World Group qualifying match against Italy on Sept. 21.

Singer George Jones kicks several habits

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Country singer George Jones says he's through with drinking.

"Oh my Lord, yes. I've even quit drinking coffee. I quit smoking," he said.

In March 1999, Jones was critically injured when he crashed his sport utility vehicle into a bridge near his home south of Nashville.

An opened bottle of vodka was found in the SUV, and Jones later admitted to drinking and driving. He was fined $550 and ordered to get counseling for alcoholism.

"Even when I had my car wreck, I had went quite a few years on the wagon," the 70-year-old said. "This was just one of them stupid moments that you do in your stupid life, you know?

"But it put the fear of God in me this time."

'ER' star Innes wants to broaden from acting

BURBANK, Calif. -- "ER" star Laura Innes, who's nominated for an Emmy for directing an episode of "The West Wing," says she decided to pay attention to the broader picture "to sort of aid me in my acting."

The 42-year-old actress, who plays no-nonsense supervisor Dr. Kerry Weaver on NBC's "ER," says she "just got more curious about why the directors were doing the things they were doing."

Innes is nominated for last season's "Shibboleth" episode on "The West Wing," but her first assignment was the medical drama's "Power" episode, which involved a blackout at the hospital.