Speak Out B 09/13/01

Thursday, September 13, 2001

Turn to God

IT'S TIME now to turn back to God and to his Word. Read Isaiah 46 and 48. God bless America.

Come to them

I WAS not angry since I came to France (New York) until this instant. Take a trumpet, herald. Ride thou unto the horsemen (terrorists) on the hill. If they will fight with us (man to man), bid them come down, or void the field (run like the cowards they are). They do not offend our sight. If they do neither, we will come to them -- "Henry V," Act 4, Scene 7.

Sign of the times

THE SIGN out in front of the school on Sprigg should be on the front page of the newspaper. I'm a veteran, and I appreciate those words.

The sign reads: "May our adversities make us strong. May our victories make us wise. May our actions make us proud." It is a quote from "Hero in Every Heart" by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Oil-company leeches

THIS MAKES me sick. Our country has something this bad happen to it, and what is the first thing to happen? The oil companies start raising gas prices. This just goes to show you no matter what happens to our country, the let's-make-a-dollar comes first. This is not what we need. We need our faith in God, our families and each other. Let's get though this together. There will be gas and oil tomorrow. But there will never be those men women and children who were killed. Do any of the oil companies think of that?

Time to retaliate

ALL THOSE in favor of turning the Middle East into a giant glass factory say "Aye!"

Send a warning

THE COORDINATED at-tacks of terror on Sept. 11 were a national tragedy. Our hearts, prayers and hopes go out to those families affected. I am retired from the U.S. Army and proud to have spent my time protecting our country's citizens. Wake up, America, there are those in the world who will keep coming to attack your homeland, your freedom, your way of life. Some countries sponsor terrorist groups either by giving money or by allowing terrorists to hide in their country. We are lucky we did not get worse so far. I say these terrorist groups present a clear and present danger to us all. Issue an ultimatum to those countries that sponsor terrorist groups: Hand them over, prosecute them, stop sending them money or you are placing your country into a state of war with the United States. If they do not comply, let's go kick some butt.

We've been too nice

I THINK this is a big tragedy. There should be action taken. We have been too nice. It is time to show them where the real power is.

Filling the coffers

I WOULD like to know how a two-lane road infested with potholes such as Southern Expressway can get a 55-mph speed limit. Then I'd further like it explained to me why such a nice wide four-lane road has a speed limit of 45 mph. My guess would be its proximity to the police hangouts. By lowering the speed limit when the city's bank account runs dry, they can replenish it. Am I right?

Rah-rah rhetoric

INDUSTRIAL RECRUITER Mitch Robinson's rah-rah rhetoric in support of constructing a Kinder Morgan Power Co. plant in Cape County made my nerves raw. In essence, Robinson rattled off perhaps a record number of reasons why everybody and his brother should support the plant and almost implied if we didn't we were are a bunch of incipient ignoramuses. I support construction of the power plant. However, I recommend that before Robinson fires off another epistle attempting to educate us on such matters he should read the enduring Dale Carnegie classic about how to influence people.

Our freedom

TO THOSE who question the statement that veterans have not fought for freedom since World War II: Read the article carefully. The author said veterans have not fought for "this country's" freedom. I agree.

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