Letter to the Editor

Prince of Peace - In this crisis, turn to Jesus

Thursday, September 13, 2001

To the editor:

The monstrous attacks on New York City and Washington are an astounding example of mankind's fall into sin and the forces of evil at work in this world.

The fall was not a one-time event. It continues to happen. It is an ongoing process, a downward trajectory, that shapes every moment of our lives.

To deal with such sin and evil in the civil world, God has given us civil authorities -- President Bush and our government -- to promote peace and order and to provide protection for the American people. Along with our prayers for the thousands of victims of these attacks and their loved ones, we pray for our leaders that they may learn who is responsible and take the appropriate action.

In times of crisis, we encourage all to turn their eyes to Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, who works peace in men's hearts and among the people of the earth who trust in him.



Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

St. Louis