Letter to the Editor

Plaintiff sought $1 million from Butler Co. case

Thursday, September 13, 2001

To the editor:

I wanted to bring one factual matter to your attention concerning your stories on the Dugger vs. Butler County lawsuit and judgment. While this does not affect the editorial content and position that the Missourian has taken on what the judge indicated was going on in the Butler County Sheriff's Department, the factual issue of what Deborah Dugger asked for from the court at least needs to be corrected.

I don't know where Dugger came up with the dollar figure of $6,000 that she wanted, unless she concocted that matter subsequent to the judgment. The $6,000 figure never arose at any time before or during the trial. Dugger has always wanted $1 million. During the trial, she had no way of calculating what her damages were. If you read the judgment and memorandum and order, the judge also was troubled by a lack of evidence of any specific damages. But at all times during the trial and before the trial, Dugger wanted $1 million. That is the only correction I would add to your story.


Spradling & Spradling

Cape Girardeau