Scott County sheriff seeks new computers

Thursday, September 13, 2001

BENTON, Mo. -- Sgt. Jerry Bledsoe of the Scott County Sheriff's Department presented county commissioners with bids for computer hardware during Tuesday's county commission meeting.

"We have a couple of computers that need to be replaced real bad," said Bledsoe.

Bledsoe's two bids were on "package deals" for two computers without monitors as well as a replacement for the department's network printer.

"It's old and I have to work on it every time I use it," Bledsoe, who also designed and maintains the department's Internet site. "It's crippled."

Bledsoe explained some of the tasks he uses his computer for during investigations require more random access memory and faster processing than other department computers.

The two computers being replaced will be moved "on down the line" for use by road deputies to do their reports on, according to Bledsoe. As software licenses only allow for installation on a limited number of machines, two of the oldest computers will be retired.

Before approving a purchase, commissioners asked Bledsoe to get a third bid from a Scott County vendor recently used for computer purchases by other Scott County offices.

In other Scott County news:

Ray Shoaf, superintendent for Scott County Central schools, appeared before the commission to arrange a crossing for the ditch alongside County Highway 446. Shoaf explained the crossing would be used to provide direct access to the sewage treatment plant located at the rear corner of the Scott County Central school grounds. The access is required by the Department of Natural Resources, Shoaf said.

Commissioners said standard practice was for the party requesting a crossing to provide the culvert, which the county would then install.

Shoaf also asked about a bridge south of Morley on County Highway 427 that was downgraded in its posted weight limit, affecting bus routes.

Shoaf said his main concern was that he was never informed of the rating change. Also, as there are students to pick up near either side of the bridge, two buses are being sent instead of one.

Commissioners said the bridge's weight rating was probably lowered after its last inspection due to a fire that burned a hole in it and beaver damage to the supporting structures.

Martin Priggel, presiding commissioner, said the bridge is slated to be replaced next year using state off-systems roads bridge replacement program funds. Priggel noted that the bridge would be out for around a year while the replacement is built, however.

Commissioners appointed Carolyn Asmus of Oran to a four-year term on the Riverside Library Board. Asmus replaces Dorothy Griffin, also of Oran, who asked to not be appointed to another term when hers ended June 30.

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