SEMO District Fair horse show results

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Category: Yearling gaited halter

Owner: Kim Abernathy

Horse: Pride's Brambling Surprise

Category: Yearling western halter

Owner: Vickie Horn

Horse: Casey at the Bat

Category: Senior gaited halter

Owner: Renee Schneier

Horse: Metal Detector

Category: Senior western halter

Owner: Gary Brotherton

Horse: Big Leaguer Tarzan

Category: Lead line

Owner: Maisey Faith

Horse: Frosty

Category: Ladies gaited

Owner: Kim Nesler

Horse: Eb's Black Secret

Category: Walk-trot

Owner: Casey Parr

Horse: Bo

Category: Men's plantation

Owner:Jim Blockley

Horse: Delight is On

Category: Flat shod racking

Owner: Stan Christisen

Horse: Gadsby's Cut Above

Category: Open English pleasure

Owner: Jean Parr

Horse: Bo

Category: Youth gaited pleasure

Owner: James Carlyon

Horse: Cargo's Sophisticated Threat

Category: Walk-favorite gait

Owner: Leslie Birk

Horse: Show Me Andy

Category: Youth western pleasure

Owner: Sandy Nance

Horse: Sonny's Frosted Lady

Category: Ladies' plantation

Owner: Jim Blockley

Horse: Delight is On

Category: Ladies' western pleasure

Owner: Johnnie Griffin

Horse: Peppy's Paco Dandy

Category: Men's country pleasure

Owner:Tyson Watson

Horse: Bandit

Category: Open western pleasure

Owner: Debbie Atherton

Horse: Mighty High Asset

Category: Ladies' country pleasure

Owner: Kim Nesler

Horse: Eb's Black Secret

Category: Men's gaited

Owner: Frank Boland

Horse: Knight Watch Me

Category: Open trail

Owner: Tyson Watson

Horse: Bandit

Category: 2- and 3-year-old gaited pleasure

Owner: Jim Blockley

Horse: Murray's Midnight Man

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