Speak Out A 09/07/01

Friday, September 7, 2001

Fighting wars

THANKS TO the vet who recently called in and explained that the United States has not fought for freedom since World War II. In fact, besides the Revolutionary War and World War II, the whole "fighting for our freedom" cry for veterans is a misnomer. The caller was very correct in saying the rest of American wars were not about our freedom, but about politics and economics.

No trust fund

Democrats continue to accuse President Bush of dipping into the Social Security Trust Fund. It's a little difficult to dip into something that doesn't exist. The Social Security Trust Fund was commingled with the general fund shortly after Bill Clinton was sworn in as president, and the Democrats proceeded to drain it not long after that. There is no Social Security Trust Fund and there is no Social Security surplus. The Democrats have already seen to that. They need to get it through their heads that their lies aren't working anymore. Everyone is on to them now. Let President Bush do his job and leave him alone.

Do it again

Obviously, the first tax refund did not do anything to help the faltering economy. What's President Bush's next brainstorm? Another refund. What a genius he is.

Go to jail

I was reading the Daily Record and saw that improper use of a turn signal is an arrestable crime. What has society come to? What happened to the old-fashion traffic ticket?

Throwed rolls

Frank Moreland's condescending comparison of the quixotic quest for a downtown golf course to the wildly successful theme of Lambert's throwed rolls is an insult to the legacy of Norman Lambert.

Let me think ...

The most apropos and accurate metaphor for Cape's summer of road rage goes to a construction engineer who was quoted in the Southeast Missourian. Upon being asked whether the bridge on East Rodney Street would be repaired in time for the fair, he responded, "Maybe. Maybe not."

Vote for Joe

The best man for the mayor's replacement is Joe Sullivan. Thanks for your honesty and putting in writing what we all feel.

Rats at Capaha Park

I walk at Capaha Park every day and have been noticing rats around the lagoon. Is the city aware of this? And are they doing anything about it? Capaha is such a beautiful park, I hate to see it go downhill. A lot of people bring their children there, and I am rather concerned about rats spreading disease. I definitely don't want to see Cape become known as the City of Rats instead of the City of Roses. That's not the kind of PR any of us want for our city.

Fond farewells

Goodbyes to Senators Helms and Gramm. Don't let the door hit you in the you-know-where as you leave.

Waiting for the kick

Our economy is not doing too well. Boy, I'll be happy when that tax refund kicks in, won't you?


Nothing has changed. When the Republicans are out of office, they have all the answers. Once in office (regardless of how ill-begotten), they become the know-nothing party. It's just amazing to me.

Smile campaign

I would like to take this time to say one thing that I hope will bring some happiness to your world today: Love one another, and give smiles away. They are free. You will get so many rewards back from only one smile, and smiles cause fewer wrinkles than frowns. If we only treated one another as we would like to be treated, would we not have one wonderful world? Starting today, give it a try. Let's see if we can make a difference.

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