Letter to the Editor

Abortion doctor offers momentoes of dead fetuses

Friday, September 7, 2001

To the editor:

Dr. George Tiller, who specializes in abortions up to 38 weeks gestation in his Wichita death clinic, has come up with a gimmick.

His clinic is famous for its grief-management services. This includes viewing the dead baby after its delivery, holding the dead baby after delivery, photographs of the little body, baptism of the baby, footprints and handprints of the baby and -- the best lie of all -- a certificate of premature miscarriage. Cremation is offered. He will also arrange for burial.

Tiller's Web page reads, "Grief is a very complex emotion which is expressed in many different ways. You might want to consider a token of the precious time you and your baby had together."

Yes, moms and dads can now bring back memories of the child they murdered with loving pictures and footprints for the family albums.


Cape Girardeau