Walkers take themes for strolling by river

Friday, September 7, 2001

The RiverWalkers, an Old Town Cape walking club, has kicked off its nine-week "themed" walking program.

Walkers have joined walking club coordinator Steve Gerard the past two weeks for walks, and next on the themed walk list will be the "Urban Gardens Tour" next week.

The group Thursday marked the Harley Owners' Group weekend with a "Harley Hike and Go Seek" walk.

Eight walkers showed up Thursday despite periods of pouring rain throughout the day.

To keep with the theme, they were checking out window displays of Harley Davidson motorcycles, and watching for any Harley riders who pass by.

The Missouri State HOG rally will be held in Cape Girardeau today, Saturday and Sunday, and will attract more than 3,000 HOG members.

The first themed walk, the "Labor Day Lollygag," was held Aug. 30.

"The Urban Garden Tour," "Tree-Hugger Tromparound" and a "Translyvania Trek 'n' Costume" are among future themed walks which will be held each Thursday through October.

The weekly walks have a theme either celebrating a significant part of Old Town Cape or a calendar event, said Gerard.

"We want these walks to be fun, good exercise and a chance to learn about the Old Town Cape area," he said.

The RiverWalkers meet each Thursday for their theme walk. Route charts are passed out at that time.

"Walkers of all skill levels are urged to participate," Gerard said. "We have routes ranging form one-to-three miles in length."

RiverWalkers have officially been walking in the downtown area since May, when about 40 attended a kick-off event. Forty-five are regularly participating, Gerard said.

"A lot of people have been walking in the area for years," he said. "Anyone is welcome to join the RiverWalkers."

There is no membership fee for the club, and members are urged to keep logs of miles walked.

In addition to weekly walks, the RiverWalkers plans to have educational seminars on various topics pertaining to walking and fitness.

During the "Tree Hugger Tromparound" planned for Oct. 11, a local guide will discuss trees that are unique to Old Town Cape.

A fun walk is scheduled Oct. 25.

The Transylvania Trek `n' Costume will take costumed walkers to Lorimier Cemetery.

The club will end its weekly Thursday walks in October, switching to Saturday morning walks Nov. 3 for the winter season.


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