Letter to the Editor

Driver has advice on flooded roads

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

To the editor:

I regularly read your paper online. I enjoy the photographs that you pushish in the newspaper and online.

I am writing to you about a photo printed Sept. 1.

On your front page was a photo of another motorist stranded in floodwater. Even with recent drainage improvements, any city with the topography of Cape Gir-ardeau can experience flooding in a downpour. With streets crossing each other at the bottom of hills, this flooding at intersections is hard to eliminate.

Now for the big question: Are Missourians taught in driver's education to avoid flooded roads? I would guess yes. The police here try to get roads blocked off while flooded. Meteorologists and police tell drivers to stay off streets with water on them. Southern Wisconsin is prone to small-stream and urban flooding. We seldom have reports of stranded motorists. Maybe we follow common sense better. Or maybe we float due to all the foam cheeseheads here.

I have found driving in Cape Girardeau easy due to good road signs and friendly drivers on the streets. Please use some common sense and quit driving in the water.


Footville, Wis.