Monroe Hicks sets good example for us all

In a society where falling standards make finding role models nearly impossible -- particularly among teen-agers -- Monroe Hicks is someone to imitate.

The Central High School junior had no reason to succeed. A one-time foster child who saw his older brother drop out and his peers fall victim to drugs and violence, he was headed down the same path.

But a couple of years ago, he made a decision. There wasn't any moment of clarity or burst of inspiration. He just slowly determined he was on the wrong path and set about righting it.

Today, he is a standout football player and tireless worker. He sets the example for his teammates on and off the field, informally counseling others to straighten up. He plans to attend college.

Hicks deserves recognition for being an example to us all: If you want something, you can achieve it.

But it takes work.