Deputy killed while trying to serve warrant

Saturday, September 1, 2001

SANTACLARA, Calif. -- A man killed a deputy and shot more than 150 rounds at federal agents trying to serve a search warrant Friday, then apparently died as his home burned to the ground.

Investigators began examining the house's charred ruins in the afternoon, but believe the body of James Beck is inside, Los Angeles Sheriff's Lt. Ray Peavy said.

Deputies, U.S. marshals and ATF agents arrived about 8:30 a.m. to search the home on a warrant accusing him of posing as a deputy U.S. marshal and stockpiling weapons, the Marshals Service said.

Former aide gets year in prison for leaking video

AUSTIN, Texas -- A former aide to George W. Bush's campaign media adviser was sentenced Friday to a year in prison and fined $3,000 for mailing a Bush debate practice videotape to Al Gore's campaign.

Juanita Yvette Lozano, 31, who pleaded guilty in June, said she was sorry her actions had so drastically changed her life but did not apologize for committing mail fraud.

A lifelong Democrat, Lozano admitted during her plea hearing that in September 2000 she mailed the Bush videotape, strategy book and other papers to Gore adviser and former Rep. Tom Downey, D-N.Y., before the first presidential faceoff with the Texas governor.

Downey turned the materials over to the FBI, whose agents identified Lozano as a likely suspect based on surveillance videotape from an Austin post office.

Condit win could be tough with new map

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- If Rep. Gary Condit decides to seek re-election, he'll likely face an uphill battle because of a new congressional map that could bring about considerable changes to his district, an analyst said.

Under the new map, new voters could comprise nearly 40 percent of Condit's district, said state Sen. Don Perata, the Democratic chairman of the Senate elections committee.

Tony Quinn, a California political analyst and former Republican redistricting consultant, said the redrawn district would put Condit among unfamiliar, and more liberal, Democratic voters.

Those voters would be unlikely to support someone as tarnished as Condit, Quinn said.

Condit's political future, and whether he would have a friendly House district in which to run next year, have been the subject of intense speculation since the April 30 disappearance of former Washington, D.C., intern Chandra Levy.

Kmart removes signs that drew Target suit

DETROIT -- Kmart Corp. has removed its "Dare to Compare" signs from its stores after being accused of deceptive advertising in a lawsuit brought by its discount rival Target Corp.

As a result of Kmart's removal of the signs, Target withdrew its request for a court order requiring Kmart to take them down. Target has not withdrawn the lawsuit, however.

Target has charged that the signs comparing Kmart's prices with those of its competitors often cited outdated or inaccurate prices.

Kmart said in a statement that the study on which Target based its accusations was "seriously flawed" and had numerous errors.

McCain leaves hospital after prostate surgery

PHOENIX -- Sen. John McCain smiled and joked Friday as he left the hospital where he underwent surgery to treat a benign enlargement of his prostate.

The Arizona Republican said the procedure at the Mayo Clinic Hospital went well and he planned to rest at home this weekend. McCain expects to fly to Washington when the Senate convenes Tuesday.

"It's a fairly routine thing for an old guy like me," said McCain, 65, who took calls from President Bush and colleagues while in the hospital.

The former presidential candidate said the treatment had nothing to do with the skin cancer diagnosed last year.

-- From wire reports

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