Downpour inundates intersections

Saturday, September 1, 2001

If the heavy rain that caused serious street flooding that stranded cars in July was the mother of summer storms, then Friday's storm was her squalling child.

While July 19 brought nearly 6 inches of rain to Cape Girardeau, only about a half inch was measured Friday at Cape Girardeau Regional Airport. But National Weather Service radar estimates showed up to an inch and a half of rain pelted some places in a short time.

Enough rain fell on Cape Girardeau to force the closing of several intersections because of minor flooding, said police patrolman Jason Selzer. Those included portions of Independence near Kingshighway, Independence and West End Boulevard, Themis and Silver Springs Road, Bloomfield Road and Christine, and Bloomfield and Stonebridge.

"We had a bunch of intersections closed," Selzer said. "But they were all open again by 2 o'clock. It wasn't nearly as bad as last time."

While the July rain caused dozens of cars to stall, Selzer said only a few did so Friday. "Most people obeyed the barricades this time," he said.

At least one business owner along Kingshighway was upset that he was nearly flooded again, despite the city's west end storm-water improvements.

"We are sick of seeing these creeks rise," said Terry Young, who owns Cape Janitorial Supply at 612 S. Kingshighway. "The ditches were full. I'm tired of sitting biting my fingernails hoping water doesn't get in my store."

Young complained that the concrete ditches are full of growth, which hinders the process of emptying the streets of storm water.

Today, forecasters are predicting clear skies with temperatures in the mid-80s.

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