Pi Day Celebrated at Guardian Angel School

The students listen attentively to the pi information and cheer on each student as the turn was finished.

Pi day is normally celebrated on March 14 (3-14) because Pi equals 3.14. How clever are these mathematicians!! However, Guardian Angel School in Oran decided to celebrate on Wednesday, March 15.

The celebration began with the 8th graders taking turns telling interesting facts regarding pi. Next came the pi challenge. All of Ms. Ann Whistler's math students in grades 3-8 were able to study the infinite number of pi and recite from memory as many digits as they could recall. The top 3 students won prizes. Nine of the math students took her up on the offer. This was the first time she offered this challenge to the third graders and 4 of them memorized and recited digits of pi. There were also 2-5th graders, 2-7th graders, and 1-8th grader. Jonah Dirnberger in 8th grade was the top person reciting 54 numbers. The second place winner was Adisyn Seabaugh, 7th grade, with 34 numbers and third place was won by Chloe Caudle, 3rd grade, with 21 numbers.

After the contest, everyone got a piece of pie and a drink. The pies, drinks, and paper products were donated by the math student families and staff. All the students and staff look forward to this day every year. Ms. Ann plans to make a wall of honor of the overall top student from all her years of math teaching at Guardian Angel. Currently, Cooper Bryant, who graduated last year, had the record with 100 digits.

Jonah Dirnberger tells the audience some interesting facts regarding pi as Porter Gadberry and Weston Woods wait for their turn. Also pictured is Ms. Ann Whistler, math teacher for grades 3-8.
Adisyn Seabaugh takes her turn reciting the digits of pi. Mrs. Mangels and Mrs. McVay keep track of how many digits that the students recite.
Kambrie Seabaugh & Chloe Caudle go through line to choose their favorite piece of pie.