May Crowning at Guardian Angel School, Oran

The 2nd grade girls, Ava Forehand, and Father Kelly process down the aisle, carrying their flowers and the crown of flowers that will be placed upon Mary's head.In front is Elizabeth David & Chloe Caudle.  The First Communicants are Andrea Pobst, Saydi Priggel, & Kambrie Seabaugh.

May is a month that we as Catholics honor Mary, the Mother of God.  This custom has roots going back as far as the Ancient Greeks.  At. Guardian Angel School in Oran, we pray the rosary often and have the May Crowning for Mary's month.  The custom of May Crowning has a student placing a crown of beautiful flowers on the head of a statue of Mary.  The flowers represent Mary's beauty and virtue.  May Crowning is also a reminder for us to strive to be like Mary by imitating the Blessed Mother's virtue in our own lives.

Our May Crowning was on Wednesday, May 4 in Guardian Angel Church.  The 2nd grade girls (Chloe Caudle, Elizabeth David, Andrea Pobst, Saydi Priggel, & Kambrie Seabaugh), Ava Forehand (8th grade) and Father Kelly processed down the aisle of church.  The 3 First Communicants wore their First Communion dresses, with Saydi Priggel carrying a beautiful pillow which had the crown of flowers upon it.  The other girls each carried a flower.  When they got to the steps before the  altar, each girl placed their live flower into a basket held by Rylie Priggel, with the server, Kasyn Seabaugh, standing by to assist Fr. Kelly.  The girls took a seat in front of the pews.  

After the girls, each student and staff exited the pews and placed their live flower in the basket, one by one.  We had music and Fr. Kelly read scripture readings and blessed everyone.  The First Communicants approached the statue of Mary with the crown and Ava Forehand climbed the steps to place the crown of flowers on Mary's head.  It was a very beautiful ceremony.  The flowers in the basket were gathered and placed into a vase to sit before Mary.

May crowning is not only for churches.  You may have a special place in your home and have the crowning of Mary there.  Mary is our Mother and we should all honor her and strive to be like her.  She is a very special intercessor to her son for us.  Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, please pray for us!!

The students and staff of Guardian Angel School process one by one to place each flower in a basket held by Rylie Priggel.  The flowers will be placed in a vase to be put before Mary.  The server is Kasyn Seabaugh who will assist Fr. Kelly with the ceremony.
Ava Forehand climbs the ladder to place the crown of flowers on Mary's head, as the First Communicants and Fr. Kelly stand by.
Pictured before the Blessed Virgin Mary are Kambrie Seabaugh, Saydi Priggel (holding the pillow that carried the crown), and Andrea Pobst.  Behind them are Ava Forehand and Fr. Kelly.
Mary, Queen of Heaven & Earth, pray for us!!