Letter to the Editor

Disagreeing with media portrayal

This pandemic has placed immense wealth and power in the hands of a few unelected billionaires, including vaccine manufacturers, who have used their influence and power to dictate directives to the world and national health care agencies. Their directives have translated into policy on a local level.

When kicking off the pandemic talking points about 18 months ago, those at the "top" had a problem! If any of the drugs currently on the market were effective against the virus, the "Emergency Use Authorization" of the "vaccine", along with government funding and liability protection, would be null and void.

A coordinated effort, including a fierce media campaign, was unleashed to silence, intimidate and label as misinformation the voices of many renowned virologists, immunologists and scientists.

It is projected that many thousands of lives could have been saved by early home treatment of COVID-19 with drug protocols employing inexpensive and safe FDA-approved drugs. These drugs used "off label" were shown to be very effective by many observational and meta-analysis studies worldwide.

On Sept. 12-14, an "International COVID Summit" was held in Rome, Italy, to address this situation and to allow physicians to share their latest findings. A declaration signed by 4,600 physicians and scientists accused COVID policymakers of potential "crimes against humanity"! Reading the declaration was Dr. Robert Malone, expert in repurposed drugs and the inventor of the mRNA technology.

Scientific truth is not realized by silencing opposing voices. As the science of Covid-19 evolves, may we not succumb to agenda driven media.

Carolyn McCrate-Hajduk, RPH, Cape Girardeau