Breast Cancer Helps Fuel Life Change

The Morning Dew Cabin at Wilderland Glamping Cabins in Arcadia, MO

Breast Cancer Helps Fuel Life Change

If it weren’t for a breast cancer diagnosis, Wilderland Glamping Cabins wouldn’t exist. At least not yet anyway. October is breast cancer awareness month and for Matt and Tiffany Ursch, owners of Wilderland Glamping Cabins in Arcadia, MO, breast cancer hits close to home. Very close.

“I was 40 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, I found it early, and admittedly by accident. I hadn’t even had my first mammogram yet,” says Tiffany.

They want to spread a message that breast cancer is no joke. Despite all the cutesy pink, breast cancer is not girly, easy, or less of a cancer than any other cancer. Early detection is very important! Even with early detection, Tiffany underwent chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, 12 months of infusions, and will remain on medication for up to a decade.

Matt and Tiffany Ursch, Owners of Wilderland Glamping Cabins, with their dog, Cooper.

Two and a half years after Tiffany’s diagnosis, their lives look completely different and they both say it’s because of Tiffany’s cancer journey. They came through the experience with a clear understanding of the phrase “life is short” and knew they needed a change.

“We had been searching for a weekend getaway property for so long that when we discovered this piece of land, we made an appointment to see it right away. Tiffany was still healing from one of her surgeries!” Matt says. The land was purchased with the intention of it being their weekend getaway spot, a place to unwind after busy weeks. “But after beating cancer, we decided to ditch the stress, move to the country full-time, and shake things up,” Tiffany exclaims, “and it has been a fabulous decision!”

Sharing their woodlands with adults needing a digital detox, time in nature, and a peaceful place to unwind has been surreal and humbling.

We created a place we wanted to go to when we were living our stressful lives. If it weren’t for cancer, we’d still be overworked and overstressed. We don’t want to say we’re grateful for Tiffany’s breast cancer. But we are grateful we were able to see the clearer picture of what’s important that cancer can provide.

The Sunshine Daydream porch at Wilderland Glamping Cabins


Matt and Tiffany Ursch created this glamping hideaway so that others can share in their private piece of heaven. As former owners/operators of a successful electrical contracting company in St. Louis, the couple understands what it’s like to work long hours week after week and never find time to recharge. Now they’re encouraging adults to take themselves off the back burner and make time for their self-care.

Wilderland Glamping Cabins is Missouri’s unparalleled getaway catering only to adults. It has been awarded “Getaway Without the Kids” runner up in the 2021 Rural Missouri Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards and featured twice on the Only In Your State Facebook page.

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Each cabin at Wilderland Glamping Cabins has its own campfire ring, Adirondack Chairs, picnic table and gas BBQ grill.

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Relax and unwind in nature at Wilderland Glamping Cabins.