Letter to the Editor

Why a use tax?

On Nov. 2, the voters of Cape Girardeau are being asked to approve a use tax (internet sales tax). To enable me to be an informed Voter, I would appreciate answers to the following questions.

1. What is a use tax (internet sales tax)?

2. Is this a new tax?

3. Is this a tax increase?

4. What is the difference between a use tax and a city sales tax?

5. Will a purchase ever be charged both a use tax and city sales tax?

6. Will I pay a use tax if I don't shop online?

7. How are use taxes collected?

8. What is the current city sales tax rate?

9. What is the proposed use tax rate?

10. Do other cities in Missouri have a local use tax?

11. Why is there a need for a use tax in Cape Girardeau?

12. How much revenue is a use tax expected to generate?

13. How will the city utilize the use tax revenue?

14. What are the consequences if the Cape Girardeau voters don't approve the use tax?

Thank you for your responses. The information shared will help me and other voters decide what is best for the City of Cape Girardeau!

Gary Hill, Cape Girardeau