John Fronabarger still productive at 94

Southeast Missourian feature from September 12, 2016 on John Fronabarger's 89th birthday

Just a follow-up to your story posted on September 12, 2016 about John Fronabarger celebrating his 89th birthday 5 years ago. He is STILL extremely productive at Pacific Scientific on his 94th birthday (Sept. 8th). Over his incredible career, he has contributed over 40 technical publications dating back to Nov. 4, 1954 and 40 patents with several current ones pending approval!

Side by side photos of Garland Fronabarger (aka Frony)and his son John Fronabarger
John Fronabarger being celebrated by Pacific Scientific on his 90th birthday
John Fronabarger recognized as the "Father of CP" 5-cyanotetrazolatopentaammine cobalt (III) perchlorate, a very unique energetic material in the ordnance industry!
A Technical publication by John and fellow students at Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri November 4, 1954 "β-Diethylaminoethyl esters of sterically hindered alkyl substituted benzoic acids" 67 years ago!