Before undergoing the knife, consider an interdisciplinary approach with PC Medical Centers

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Friday, May 14, 2021

Carrera Williams

A life free of pain — that’s what patients with the following problems seek: Back pain and degeneration, shoulder pain and degeneration, knee pain and degeneration, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, hip pain and degeneration, neck pain and degeneration, headaches and plantar fasciitis.

So they go from this clinician to that clinician, often prescribed medications that complicate matters with miserable side effects. Or they are injected with steroids that only last for a short time. Often they are fast tracked straight to surgery followed by months of rehabilitation.

These approaches are addressing the symptoms of pain, not addressing the function of that joint which is the root cause.

What if there was another approach that did not use those methods? A different approach that got you back to your old life more quickly without the side effects or long rehabilitation and constant doctors’ appointments?

There is! PC Medical Centers uses an interdisciplinary approach with a multi-disciplinary medical practice to address the function of the joint causing pain.

Their mission statement is to improve the quality of life and restore proper function in the body naturally, without medications, steroids or surgeries.

This is achieved through such treatments as back and knee braces, laser therapy, regenerative injections, spinal decompression, acupuncture, allergy testing and rehabilitation therapy.

Their patients are grateful that PC Medical Centers is located in Cape Girardeau as it is the only multi-disciplinary medical practice between St. Louis and Memphis that utilizes this interdisciplinary approach.

The team includes Dr. Greg Pursley, D.C., Dr. Aaron Andrews, D.C., and Carrera Williams, APRN. Together, they assess and decide which approach will be best for each patient.

Considering joint replacement surgery because you were told it was bone on bone? Before you do that, call PC Medical Centers at 573-335-9188.