Letter to the Editor

A great vaccination experience

Visible and measurable -- my two favorite words. Both of these words were experienced this morning. Fran and I witnessed firsthand why Cape Girardeau County was initially the No. 1 county in the state in COVID vaccinations and continues to rank high statewide.

We were welcomed at Saint Francis Medical Center this morning by 11 volunteers (I counted them) in 25 degree temperature to assist with parking, complete forms, and provide directions on how to proceed. Inside were eight nurses (I counted them) to complete the check-in and give us our assigned number. We were then sent directly to a private room for the needle. The entire process was just over 30 minutes.

We are fortunate to have this level of commitment and dedication in Cape Girardeau County. Our Public Health Center director, Jane Wernsman, is closely monitoring COVID-19, working with community partners and Missouri Department of Health Senior Services to protect the health and safety of Cape Girardeau County residents. Plus, the dedication of the volunteers! All of this dedication served to remind us why we always say: It sure is great to live in Cape!

DOUG AUSTIN, Cape Girardeau