A Thank You to our Folks in Blue

92 year old Marie Nowell of Cape Girardeau, presents Police Officer Will Rogers with a matted crayon art, to say Thank you. Even at 92 one can do something.

Marie Nowell, begin coloring after her oldest son had a brain aneurysm in 2015. Even though he was 70 years old, he is her child, to her and it left my Mother wrenching her hands and needing something to mentally escape the events that followed, including the death of my Father in 2019.

She begin with colored pencils and intricate detail. My dad would sharpen the pencils for her. Dad passed away and her arthritic hands couldn't hardly sharpen those pencils, taking away much of her pleasure in coloring. Then one day a friend of Patricia's, a co-worker, Barbara Layer, brought my Mother some Twister Colors, that gave Mother back her independence while coloring and put back the pleasure that was lost. She colors a book and then decides who she will present it to. Some times it is a picture in a book that inspires her to choose who shall receive it. Firemen in our family have included two of her Grandsons Donnie Allen Nowell of Mount Olive, IL. and Chris Silman of Huntley, IL. She recently colored a Fireman picture and presented it to Mount Olive, IL. Fire Chief, Donnie Allen Nowell. He proudly hung it on the wall of that Fire Station. When she is lucky enough to have another Fireman picture come her way, she says she will color it and present it to Grandson, Chris Silman, who is now an arson investigator. An interesting fact is that Donnie was born on Mother's Birthday in 1969 and Chris was born the next day. She says I never have a problem remembering their birthday. On January 15 th, 2021, she presented the Cape Girardeau Police Department a matted picture, to say THANK YOU, after Capitol Police handled the attack in Washinton, DC, on January 6th. Our men and women in blue protect us and give great service to society. They risk their lives for us for a lower salary then many jobs. This is a job that takes passion to do it well. Sometimes mistakes are made, mistakes are made by us all; but few jobs compare with what our officers are faced with on a daily basis. I didn't know our officers buy their own bullet proof vests and other life saving equipment to make them successful and keep them safe. I can't imagine a young officer trying to choose whether to purchase a vest for his safety or make a purchase for his young family. I'm not a wealthy person, but I have made a small donation for this purpose, thru the recent mailing I received. My Mother and I would like to encourage others to do the same. For the safety of our officers. Mother's picture is intended to show appreciation. Even a small donation is added to others and becomes a big deal It's small, but like my Mother's picture, it becomes a large THANK YOU, when we all work together.

Below are links to other stories from the Southeast Missourian about my parents. My Mother said, she couldn't believe her picture was in the Newspaper. All of her life she has given to others. At 92 she is still giving. We can all give, in our own personal way, creating our own ministry, in a world that is hurting. One never knows whose heart you might touch. When you have a choice, and we always do; choose kindness and contribute to our world; your world. Did you notice that your has our in it? We are in this together.


Marie Nowell smiling for a picture with Officer Will Rogers. My Mother commented after Officer Rogers left, saying "he sure was a nice young man".



Marie Nowell's crayon art of the "PAW PATROL RESCUE" hanging on the wall of the Mount Olive Illinois Fire Department, where her Grandson Donnie Allen Nowell is the Fire Chief. Note:( Mother's arthritic hand has moved her to less intricate work; but she still finds it relaxing and entertaining.
A photo of Fire Chief Donnie Allen Nowell and three daughters and other Fire Department Fans.