Successful Management

Saxony Lutheran FFA member and chapter Vice President Cory Word was a 2020 top four finalist in the Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management Placement Proficiency Award area. Cory works with his grandfather at Hellwege Farms. He works to maintain and improve land quality for the row crop, hay, and beef cattle operation.

Cory had little prior knowledge of natural resource management; nonetheless, he began by maintaining the farm’s current waterways and then worked to repair and reseed those areas with wheat and fescue to prevent soul erosion and future washouts. Cory faced challenges along the way, one being bad field conditions due to increased rainfall and a lengthy harvest due to weather conditions. The lengthy harvest left crops in the field during the time cover crops were supposed to be planted and when field conditions finally improved, he didn’t have much time to get the cover crops planted.

Cory’s SAE taught and continues to teach him environmental stewardship as he takes care of the land in the most effective way. His engagement in natural recourse management has helped him achieve his goals in his diversified agricultural production experience and has caused him to become very passionate about stewardship and future viability of the land. His knowledge of environmental science and natural resources increased significantly throughout his SAE. He will continue to use this knowledge to carry out his agriculture and environmental practices in the future.