Proven treatments for plantar fasciitis

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Plantar fasciitis is pain that develops in the tissue under the foot called the fascia. This pain can be debilitating and affects people when they try to walk, stand, or even get out of bed or a chair. It affects almost every aspect of life and does not allow for normal daily living.

The pain can sometimes feel like a stab or a burning sensation. Thinking about working out? Not with plantar fasciitis. What about walking or standing? Nope!

Typically people seek medical intervention for plantar fasciitis that can include steroid injections, medications, or even surgery. Sometimes people get relief with therapy, orthotics, or rolling their foot on an ice pack, but these don't solve the problem.

The problem is there is more damage occurring every day than your body can heal! At night your body tries to heal the damage in your foot, and during the day when you stand or walk, your foot is being injured.

If your foot is being injured more than your body can heal then the pain will never go away unless you do one of two things. 1) Stay off the foot until the tissue is totally healed and then rehabilitate the foot, or 2) Get the body to heal faster than it is being injured.

How can you get the body to heal faster than it is being injured? The answer is to stimulate a healing response, create proper function, and reduce pressure on the tissues. We offer a few solutions to help in this process:

1. Injection treatments that reduce the pressure on the tissues.

2. Laser treatments that stimulate the healing response.

3. Chiropractic and rehabilitation treatments that improve the function of the joint and tissues.

Come in for an assessment to see how PC Medical Centers can help.

Dr. Greg Pursley, DC is the owner of PC Medical Centers.