Rapid fire questions with local media personalities

What are you reading?

Mia: “Iliad” by Homer

Jeff: “The Devil Colony” by James Rollins

Faune: “Civil War Commando” by Jerome Preisler

Steve: Industry magazines

Do you have a favorite podcast?

Mia: The Scout Podcast

Jeff: Literally! With Rob Lowe

Faune: I don’t listen to podcasts.

Steve: The Ben Shapiro Show

Favorite musical artist

Mia: Zach Winters

Jeff: From Willie Nelson to The Bill Evans Trio to The Black Keys and Led Zeppelin

Faune: Deff Leopard

Steve: Country - Tracy Lawrence. Classic rock –John Mellencamp, Nelly

Something people get wrong about you.

Mia: Maybe nothing.

Jeff: I’m taller than I look on TV.

Faune: That I’m not compassionate and caring about everybody no matter how they vote.

Steve: People think because I am on the air in the morning I must be a morning person. I’m not. It usually takes me a little bit to get going.

Favorite person that you have ever interviewed?

Mia: Mary Yaremko, her friend Tatyana Lipskaya and daughter Anna Lipska Volodymyrivna

Jeff: Paul McCartney

Faune: “Cap” Weinberger

Steve: Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller.

Person you’d love to interview.

Mia: Annie Dillard

Jeff: President-Elect Biden and President Trump. Or Phil Nicholson.

Faune: My dad. He passed away on Nov. 9 of 2013.

Steve: Would probably be Ben Franklin … not only was he known for his scientific contributions to the world but he was instrumental in America’s Freedom.

Favorite area restaurant.

Mia: Cafe ‘n Me

Jeff: Tractors, Mary Jane bourbon + smokehouse

Faune: Sedona Bistro

Steve: Broussard’s

What makes you laugh.

Mia: “The Office”

Jeff: My friends, my daughter Holland, and work friends Grant Dade and Kathy Sweeney

Faune: Watching “Monkey” (her youngest grandson) act like a little goofball.

Steve: Charlie Foster doing something silly during our morning show.

How do you start your day every day?

Mia: Usually sleeping through my alarm. I’m not great at getting up in the morning.

Jeff: Same way every day. I get in my old Jeep and drive to get a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Faune: I start my day feeding my menagerie of animals and drinking coffee, and then I meditate on the way to work.

Steve: I hit the snooze button about 10 times.

What do you do to relax?

Mia: I love to be on our family farm and also pray and just reflect.

Jeff: I like to sit on the deck and peruse Twitter or news sites.

Faune: I drink beer.

Steve: I don’t get a lot of relaxation time. I have three kids under 8.

How has COVID changed your life

Mia: It’s taught me a lot about being present, where I am and living and the reality of that.

Jeff: It’s definitely made life more boring. It’s a slower pace for sure. We don’t go out to restaurants or anywhere as much and we spend a lot more time at home.

Faune: Other than the fact that I respect the fear that other people have, it really has affected my life zero percent, other than I’m respecting personal space a little more.

Steve: The biggest thing is to remember to take a mask with me in my car, but really it hasn’t affected a lot of the events that we had planned throughout the summer and this fall.

What are you most grateful for?

Mia: My family and my friends and just good people, to love and be loved by them.

Jeff: She’s sitting in the car with me right now (wife Andrea).

Faune: My grandchildren.

Steve: My family.