Facing Knee Surgery or Steroid Injections? Maybe not!

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Facing Knee Surgery or Steroid Injections? Maybe not!

Millions of people in America are currently living with knee pain and are forced to live with it, deal with it or seek medical treatment.

Medical treatment options consist of pain medications, steroid injections and knee surgery (minimally invasive or replacement). However, these treatments have side effects that may be avoided.

Pain medications are used to cover up and reduce pain. The problem still exists; you just don’t feel it, leading to further joint damage.

Steroid injections reduce pain short-term, but break the joint down in the long-term, increasing the likelihood of future surgery.

Surgery, either minimally invasive or replacement, leaves scar tissue that is not fully flexible and has potential risks of failure and infection.

All of these options focus on eliminating pain and neglect to focus on the function of the joint.

We can all agree — when everything in your body functions properly, you don’t have symptoms or pain. It’s when your body is not functioning properly that you develop symptoms.

What if there were treatments available that focused on the function of the joint so it heals itself? What if there was an integrated clinic with multiple different professions working together to improve function and eliminate pain?

PC Medical Centers is the only integrated clinic in the area focusing on improving the function of the joints to reduce the use of surgery, steroid injections, and pain meds.

We offer regenerative medicine, PRP injections, bracing, rehabilitation, and chiropractic care to improve the function of the joint, eliminate pain, and reduce the use of steroids and surgery.

To learn more visit www.PCMedicalCenters.com or come to an upcoming free regenerative medicine seminar by calling 573-335-9188 to reserve your spot.