Smithsonian exhibit opens Monday in Cape Girardeau

A traveling Smithsonian exhibit focused on water will open to the public on Monday in Cape Girardeau.

Referred to as the Water/Ways Exhibit, it will be on display through Jan. 13 at the Kellerman Foundation's Heritage Hall. The exhibit looks at the essential nature of water to life, the environment, culture and history.

The exhibit consists of four large, curved acrylic pieces and also has some interactive components and activities. The Kellerman Foundation is including related local exhibits that will be on display in rotation.

We probably take the Mississippi River for granted, but it's importance to commerce is not to be understated. An upcoming story in B Magazine, a regional business publication produced by the Southeast Missourian and rustmedia, highlights a 2015 report that notes the river generated $405 billion in economic impact and is responsible for 1.3 million jobs. Access to the river is certainly an asset in selling Southeast Missouri to companies looking to relocate here.

Congratulations to the Kellerman Foundation on securing this national Smithsonian exhibit. We hope you make time to check it out.