Letter to the Editor

Mike Bennett was my hero

In 1998, when I arrived in Cape Girardeau to go to work at KFVS12, I knew that I needed to find a dentist. At my previous position in North Carolina, I continued to drive to my long-term dentist in Ohio. Twelve hours one way by car wasn't working.

A chance meeting with Dr. Jay Sheets opened the door for me to become a patient with Dr. Mike Bennett. Even though I now reside in Cincinnati, every day I still thank my lucky stars I was able to meet Dr. Bennett. His professional talents were unmatched by any other dentist in my lifetime.

Never once did I have any apprehensions about an appointment with Dr. Bennett. His reassuring manner should be taught in every dental school. Dr. Bennett would walk into the room put his hand on my shoulder and say: "How's Mike doing today." His tone let me know that everything was going to be OK, and it was.

Jay Wolz wrote a wonderful article about Dr. Bennett in the Southeast Missourian. Take the time to read it. Dr. Mike Bennett is my hero, and I'm sure there are many other patients who see him in the same light.

MIKE SMYTHE, Cincinnati, Ohio