Speak Out 9/16/20

Police report

Can anyone tell me why the Cape Girardeau Police quit putting the names of the people they arrest in their report?

Woodward book

When Trump was caught in his lie about the coronavirus, he immediately did three things: Denied all responsibility for lying to the American people, blamed China for the virus and blamed Bob Woodward for writing his book. Does Trump ever own up to anything he does? Apparently not.

Work together

I see that President Trump gets the blame for the national calamities we are experiencing, per a letter to the editor Sept. 8. I wonder if anyone has ever considered this big mess in America wouldn't exist if all people followed the 10 Commandments. After all, there would be love for everyone, peace on our streets, and a willingness for Congress to work together for the good of American people and our wonderful country. We can have a good life if we all work together.

My body

When it comes to mandatory vaccinations for COVID-19, I invoke the same argument that the pro-abortion group touts, "My Body, My Decision." Chew on that some and see how it tastes!

Football game

Seeing the photos of the Jackson Indians football homecoming crowd makes you wonder if these people really want their kids to continue in-person education. In some shots, only about 50% of the people were wearing masks in the stands. Is it really that hard to care about other people? How do you raise children to recognize basic societal norms if you fail as a role model? Very sad.

Democratic Party

Today's Democratic Party stands for four things: Socialism, Atheism, normalization of homosexuality, and unrestricted abortion. If that is what you want for our country, then most certainly you should vote for Joe Biden. Otherwise, you should run, not walk, to vote for Donald Trump.