Letter to the Editor

Remembering Charles Drury

I was deeply saddened by the news of Charles L. Drury's passing earlier this week. I first met CLD, as he is referred to within the Drury work climate, in December 1980. I've had the good fortune of crossing paths with him on numerous occasions during the course of 40 years employment with Drury Hotels.

He was a genuinely kind man. His work ethic and passion for the Drury Team were unmatched. He solved math problems in his head faster than most anyone could with a calculator. He entertained with his many anecdotal stories. I've heard him say, "Stay ahead of the competition by getting up a little earlier than they do, working a little harder than they do and staying up a little later than they do." That's what Charles Drury did. That same work ethic was instilled in his children and, to a great extent, the entire Drury Team (which he also referred to as "family").

I last spoke with Mr. Drury in February of this year at our Drury Manager's conference in St Louis. The last words he said to me were, "Randy, you'll always be family."

It's hard to imagine a day at work knowing that Mr. Drury is not in some office dreaming of ways to make Drury Hotels a better product. I'm sure I speak for thousands of current and former Drury Hotel employees when I say, "Rest in Peace CLD, You Will Be Missed."

RANDY HIETT, assistant controller, Drury Hotels Company LLC, Cape Girardeau