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Thursday, September 10, 2020 ~ Updated 4:42 PM

Kyle McDowell, owner of McDowell South

Adventuring and creating a place to belong within the unfamiliar. It’s what Kyle McDowell and his team at McDowell South RV are in the business of.

“We help create a home for the people who purchase our campers,” McDowell says. “We aren’t just selling them anything; we are providing a place where they can enjoy their own vacation.”

This passion for homemaking is evidenced in his care for customers: after the flood of 2019, he gave a family who had lost their home a fifth wheel at no cost so they would have a place to live in their RV while they were recovering from the damage. It’s opportunities like this that make McDowell proud to be in the business of helping people create their new home.

To best serve customers like these, the people McDowell hires are the driving force behind his business; he says he loves each person who works at McDowell South RV and that they work together to provide the best experience for those looking to purchase a new unit.

“If you don’t have good people, you don’t have anything,” he says.

Each member on McDowell’s team is a people person, working to help customers of all ages find and select the camper that best suits their needs. After the initial purchase, McDowell South RV provides all facets of service to their customers, including parts and service when something is in need of repair.

Fifth-wheel campers line the lot at McDowell South.

It’s service born of experience: McDowell and his family have been in the Southeast Missouri automotive industry for more than 50 years. McDowell first began working with his dad when he was very young, detailing cars and wholesaling and retailing vehicles going from auction to auction for many years for their used car business. He went on to own two McDowell South RV locations in Jackson and Bonne Terre, Missouri, and later owned Perryville CampGround and Castor River Park. Now, he spends his time managing both RV businesses, raising two girls he is legal guardian for and traveling the US, staying at his cabins in Colorado for big game hunting and just getting away to relax.

These types of adventures are the ones he hopes to equip his customers for. The customer, McDowell says, “like it or not,” is always right. He works hard to ensure he and his team treat their customers the way they need to be treated, making sure people get the best deal possible and that his company’s negotiations will not be beat. The businesses’ numbers for 2020 are a testament to the number of people who have experienced this firsthand: by the end of August this year, McDowell South RV is projected to have sold 400 units, with well over 300 already on the books for July.

In times of a pandemic, having an RV is a safe way to keep adventuring, taking everything you need with you as you discover unchartered territory. McDowell and his team are excited to help people be able to do just that.

McDowell South

4670 East Jackson BLVD, Jackson MO, 63755