Celebrating 35 Years with Southeast Missouri’s locally-owned, Trusted Agency for All Insurance Needs

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Friday, September 4, 2020 ~ Updated 4:42 PM

FRONT: Michael Siebert, Patrick Martin, Natalie Kennedy, Tabitha Adams, Laura Coalter Parker, Debbie Coalter, Brandi Bass, Hailey Mouser, Trevor Jines; BACK: Laura Matlock-Hill, Eric Craiglow, Andrew Thompson, Allison Gribler

When Ted and Debbie Coalter decided to open their own insurance brokerage in 1985, they took a leap of faith into the unknown. Their mission was to always do what’s right, work diligently and create an environment to thrive.

That mission worked: Coalter Insurance Group proudly celebrates 35 years of dedicated service to Southeast Missouri in 2020.

Laura Coalter Parker, daughter of Ted and Debbie and president of Coalter Insurance Group, takes pride knowing the locally-owned brokerage was “built on hard work, late nights, weekends and always going the extra mile.”

Ted Coalter opened the insurance brokereage Coalter Insurance Group in 1985. It is now headed by his daughter, Laura Coalter Parker, and a strong team that cares big, works hard and goes the extra mile.

At Coalter Insurance, building a strong team is vital, the center of their success. The agents and support staff are involved in philanthropic events, and each individual is encouraged to give back to their community, investing in the people around them. Service is ingrained into their fabric, which has led to their long-term success as they earn the trust of the people they serve.

“It’s so much more than an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job,” Parker says. “It’s dedicating our focus to creating long-lasting relationships and always putting the client before ourselves.”

Seeing Mr. Coalter's values and principles live on through the growth of the business to 11 team members is humbling to the leadership at Coalter Insurance, including Mike Siebert, partner of Coalter Insurance Group.

“Helping my team succeed is a very important aspect of my career,” he says. Siebert believes successful teams are built through hard work, integrity and honest client care.

When asked what they look for when selecting a new agent, Parker says, “We believe in caring big, working hard and going the extra mile, all while having a big smile. That is what we look for in an insurance agent.”

Celebrating 35 years of being locally-owned and a trusted agency for all insurance needs is not easy to accomplish. It takes selflessness and perseverance to always be more outward than inward. Thank you, Coalter Insurance Group, for providing our community all of this and more throughout the past 35 years.

Here's to all that’s next.


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