Drew Juden for sheriff

Jay B. Knudtson

Strong but fair law enforcement is the cornerstone of any community. While current Cape Girardeau County law enforcement is comprised of good people, it is my belief that strong, fair and united leadership has never been more important. These are challenging times for law enforcement and while all law enforcement personnel should be held to the highest standards, they should also be supported 100% to properly protect our citizens and maintain law and order.

As a former mayor of Cape Girardeau, it was my No. 1 priority to make sure we had a safe and lawful community. Because Drew Juden was chief of police and fire in neighboring Sikeston, we worked closely and spoke often. Chief Juden was a no-nonsense chief who delivered results, and I have great respect for him.

The time is now for law enforcement in Cape Girardeau County, Cape Girardeau and Jackson to rise together in a collaborative manner for law and order in our region. Drew Juden has the experience, commitment and demeanor to properly lead as Cape Girardeau County Sheriff! Please Vote Aug. 4, Juden for Sheriff. Thanks.

Jay B. Knudtson, Cape Girardeau Mayor from 2002 -2010

Paid for by Juden For Sheriff, Trae Bertrand, treasurer