Letter to the Editor

BLM protesters not anarchists

Among the Black Lives Matter protesters, there were criminals who looted, committed arson and vandalized Confederate monuments. However, most protesters across America were peaceful. They were patriotic citizens demanding equal justice for all, not anarchists, as Trump and Trumpists brand them. That begs the question, "Who are the real anarchists in America?"

Webster dictionary defines "anarchist" as, "A person who promotes anarchy, as by flouting or ignoring rules, duties, or accepted standards of conduct."

Applying this definition to President Trump: 1. He has disobeyed rules laid down by the Constitution that he should provide Congress requested documents and witnesses. 2. He has not performed his duty to protect citizens from COVID-19 pandemic, and soldiers in Afghanistan from Putin's saboteurs. 3. His conduct has never met the accepted standard for the POTUS.

Trump has attempted to overthrow the existing system of government and destabilized America by creating division, chaos, subterfuge, culture war, racial strife, corruption of DOJ and other institutions, defying Congress, attacking media, sabotaging scientific advice, firing inspectors and whistleblowers, lying compulsively, spreading outrageous conspiracy theories, employing incompetent and corrupt sycophants, promoting Confederate symbols, eliminating EPA regulations, indulging in duplicitous demagoguery and countless other blatantly anarchic activities.

Trumpist lawmakers have enabled Trump wholeheartedly because he shamelessly expresses in words and deeds their White Supremacy ("Conservative") agenda, which they are too cowardly to verbalize. Thus, they have earned themselves a place in history as devoted partners of this anarchic and utterly unscrupulous Abominable Showman during America's second darkest age.

K.P.S. Kamath, Cape Girardeau