Letter to the Editor

Voss is right person for state representative

Our state legislators are truly our voice in Jefferson City. Having represented the citizens of Cape Girardeau for 12 years on the Cape Girardeau Board of Education, hardly a month went by that I was not compelled to provide feedback to our legislators on issues facing public education in our district, or how a pending piece of legislation might positively or negatively impact it. Our state legislators do not have to agree with our feedback, but they should be willing to listen to it and be open to understanding how their vote will truly impact their constituents.

For this reason, I endorse John Voss as our next state representative for the 147th District. John is a man who loves this community, has a proven track record of global business experience, local leadership with the Cape Girardeau City Council and multiple community organizations, and who understands the true value in knowing and using the resources of his constituents to make the most informed decisions on their behalf. Most important of all, John is accessible and committed to people.

John is an exceptional human being, and willing to listen to everyone he represents -- even those with whom he may not initially agree. John Voss is the right person to be our next state representative in these extraordinary times.

Tony L. Smee, 1217 Fairlane Drive, Cape Girardeau MO 63701