Letter to the Editor

Trump on Russia

During Putin's administration Russia has engaged in the following foreign adventures:

* A 2008 invasion of the country of Georgia

* Taking the Crimea away from Ukraine in 2014.

* Sending troops into southeastern Ukraine to support the anti-government side in a civil war and then lying about doing so,

* Providing military aid and support to a dictatorship in Syria which has engaged in crimes against humanity.

Putin wants to restore Russia as a great power. This makes it logical that he would see the United States as an enemy. Consequently it is not surprising to hear that Russia views the Taliban, a group the US has been fighting since 2001, as an indispensable player in the politics of Afghanistan.

And it is not surprising that Russia would pay members of the Taliban to kill American soldiers as a way to hasten the US withdrawal of troops. Information gathered by both American and British intelligence agencies show that Russia has such a program in place. This information also shows that Russia made large payments to the Taliban after attacks that caused several American deaths.

This makes it very disturbing when President Trump, rather than acting against Russia, refers to this information as a hoax. Instead of taking action to make Russia cease its support for the killing of American troops, Trump has argued for Russia's re-entry into the G-7. This is a prestigious forum for some of the countries which have the world's larger economies.

Therefore, Trump must not be re-elected.

JOHN PIEPHO, Cape Girardeau