Letter to the Editor

Addressing racial tension

We are living in a time of tension and profound moral corruption that has caused unfathomable feelings of detest against unity. Recently, in cities across this country, we have experienced blatant acts of racism. It is during these times of economic deprivation and expendability of black lives that we must be candid in our conversation concerning race and equality. We must clearly state our motives and remain steadfast to the purpose of our statements.

With genuine sincerity, we pray for our family, our city and healing in our country. We are deeply saddened and angry by the number of black lives we have lost at the hands of law enforcement. Racial injustice has been ignored, pushed aside and swept under the rug for years. We have been told to just accept it or that it will pass over time. Numerous broken promises have ensued anger in the black community and a lack of trust in those elected to serve and protect us.

2020 is said to be the year of perfect vision. However, there comes a time that we must adjust our focus and change our perspective. We must look deep within ourselves and decide if we are doing all we can to evoke change. No matter our political view or opinions on elected leaders, all of us must come together in the fight against racism. Together, we are the church and we must be more intentional in working toward racial and economic injustice.

The Pastoral Assembly of Cape Girardeau: Pastor William Bird, Jr., Greater Dimension Ministries; Apostle Adrian Taylor, Lighthouse International Ministries; Apostle Joanne McCallie, House of Prayer Ministries; Pastor Stafford Moore, Jr., Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church; Pastor Cecil B. Thomas, Jr., Second Missionary Baptist Church; Pastor George Smith, True Faith Missionary Baptist Church; Pastor Teresa Campbell, In His Image Ministries; Bishop Byron Bonner, True Vine Ministries; Pastor Joseph Cotton, New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church; Pastor Daniel Bird, Newcomers; Pastor Renita Green, St. James AME; Pastor William Rogers, Kingdom Life Prophetic Ministries; Pastor Eric Ward, Pinnacle of Faith Ministries.