Letter to the Editor

Disturbed by the caving

I am more disturbed by those who are caving than I am of those to whom they are caving. From our beginning, there have always been those who have wanted to beat us into submission. But we stood and fought to prevent it. We endured horrible conditions, lost life and limb; but we did it.

The result is the greatest, most benevolent nation that ever existed. Opportunity abounds and everyone is free to take advantage of it -- or not.

Today, we are not called on to risk life and limb, as so many before us had to do. For us, it is just a matter of holding the fort. While enjoying its comforts though, we have lost site of the price paid to secure them and dishonor those who paid it.

Roger Goodell had an opportunity to stand. Drew Brees had a similar opportunity and missed it. This is America. In this breeding ground of opportunity in which the NFL has flourished. If an NFL player is as committed to his position of being offended by our nation, then let him take a knee somewhere else. Let him, being so committed to his position, that he would be willing to walk away from the incredible opportunity that this nation offers him. Otherwise, know that we stand.

Today, people from the inside this time are trying to beat us into submission. Instead of standing, we are caving; very disturbing.

MIKE JONES, Cape Girardeau