Think of Your Outfit as a Canvas

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Fashion is such a fun and exciting way to show personal expression.

For me, people watching often involves paying attention to what people are wearing. What colors are they wearing? What jewelry? Shoes?

I’ve always loved seeing everyone showcasing their personal style and taste on their own unique canvas like a beautiful piece of art. We are able each day to show our feelings, emotions and personal taste through style and color palette choices. We can wear a graphic T decked out in a quote that reflects our values and ideas. We can wear a feminine, flow-y dress in colors and shapes that highlighter our best features. We can wear tailored clothing to show our conservative side and personality. Jewelry highlights our best features while complementing the clothing we have chosen.

One of the best things about current fashion is that there is diversity in cut and style. Hemlines are up and down. We are seeing slim-leg pants and full flares. Now is the best time to explore, and show your inner artist!

We encourage you to be bold and share your canvas in a confident and comfortable way. If you need any assistance, we invite you to stop by Wish.

We have clothing and jewelry styles to fit every taste. We look forward to helping you with your personal masterpiece.