Open Letter To Cape Girardeau Police

Mommy's Ticket

Please share this with the appropriate supervisors.

Today our family was eating at Dairy Queen when Officer Spala came in. My boys had taken an interest in policing, by which I mean watching the speedometer from the back seat and telling us when we were driving too fast. So I asked the boys if they wanted to ask the policeman how to write a ticket.

So we go up to him, and instead of asking how to write a ticket my 6yo Ian reports mommy for speeding.

Officer Spala helped him write her a ticket and offered to let him and my other boy Isaac see the police car. My boys loved it and I want his supervisor to know how grateful I am a nice policeman took the time to make two little boys' day. Pictures to follow. (PS to SEMissourian, can't attach photos, check your Facebook messages for them from me)