Letter to the Editor

Vote yes on TTF extension

I was involved with the formation of the original Transportation Trust Fund initiative back in 1995. Now, 25 years later, the City of Cape Girardeau has committed over $125 million toward upgrading the city’s transportation system. These dollars have been designated for new street routes, reconstruction of existing artilleries and collector streets, repair of existing streets (both concrete and asphalt), sidewalks and improved street lighting. All revenue is dedicated to new streets, street repairs, sidewalks and enhancements. This program is “pay as you go” so there is no bonding costs. This is not a new tax.

We have committed significant dollars to street repair in all of our five-year programs, but obviously not enough money to properly maintain and upgrade existing streets. We have over 233 miles of city streets, and all streets continue to deteriorate every year. Therefore we have committed over 77% of all TTF6 funds ($19,350,000) toward repair or reconstruction of our existing streets. This commitment is more than double the average of past TTFs.

Our city has made significant progress in the past couple of years with major total reconstruction of all or parts of Wildflower Trail, Lakewood Drive, Peironnet, David and Longview Streets. Contracts have been awarded to continue this process in 2020. The soon-to-begin reconstruction of North West End Blvd. (TTF5 project) will be a major upgrade to our system.

I personally thank you for your past support of TTF over the past 25 years and urge all our citizens to support the extension of this successful program with a yes vote on June 2. Once again, this is not a new tax.

Harry E. Rediger,

former mayor of Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau