TTF deserves voter support on June 2 ballot

On the ballot June 2 for Cape Girardeau voters is the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF6) sales tax extension. The five-year extension is expected to generate $25 million to be used on a mix of new projects, roadway maintenance and other transportation projects.

Southeast Missourian business editor Jay Wolz reported earlier this year that the latest installment of TTF is expected to fund the following:

* Repairs of Bertling Street between Perryville Road and Big Bend Road

* An extension of College Street between West End Boulevard and South Minnesota Avenue

* Maintenance repairs and enhancements to Lexington Avenue between Carolina Lane and Sherwood Drive and from West Cape Rock Drive to Sprigg Street

* Improvements to the intersection of Maria Louise Lane, Kiwanis Drive and Broadview Street near Arena Park entrance

* "School corridor" safety improvements of Route K near the west city limits

* Repairs to Sprigg Street between Shawnee Parkway and Southern Expressway

* Continued work on Veterans Memorial Drive between Hopper Road and Percy Drive. This project would likely extend into TTF7

These projects are expected to total $10 million, with $13 million dedicated to concrete and asphalt repairs and $2 million for "contingencies."

We are proponents of the Transportation Trust Fund. The five-year increment gives voters an opportunity to evaluate the success and keep city leaders accountable to specific projects. The pay-as-you-go model is a good one to help the city maintain infrastructure and handle new construction as funds become available. And we're pleased TTF6 includes a significant portion dedicated to road repairs of existing streets.

The Transportation Trust Fund has been renewed by voters every five years since 1995. Our view is the city has used these funds wisely. We encourage a yes vote on the Transportation Trust Fund sales tax renewal.