Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

Recently in Speak Out a young mother thanked the Parks and Recreation Department for cleaning and repainting the train in Capaha Park. The parks department gave its permission and support, but the supplies were donated by a local merchant, and the work was done by Boy Scouts as part of Tom Meyer's Eagle project.

To earn the rank of Eagle, a Scout must choose a project for a not-for-profit group other than his troop, write a plan, consult experts, acquire materials, assemble a work force (usually other Scouts), execute the project (these average 50 to 150 hours), write an evaluation and then pass a board of review -- which, I am proud to say, Tom did.

Eagle projects are all over town. Some that I know of are a church nursery mural, church playground improvements, benches at Louis J. Schultz School, smoke detectors and a fire-escape plan for a church, church and school landscaping and leading a boys unit for the sons of day-camp leaders at a Girl Scout day camp. These projects are done with the support of merchants, individuals and organizations who are willing to donate supplies and advice. We are grateful for all they do.

I'm also grateful that the improvements to the train were noticed and appreciated. Thanks for the positive feedback.

CAROL DEAN, Assistant ScoutmasterBoy Scout Troop 4

Cape Girardeau