Letter to the Editor


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To the Editor:

I cannot understand why we sit around and complain about the lack of energy when we have more at our front door than we can use. The Mississippi River.

There are more than 30 dams on the Mississippi and only one creates any power. These dams could be utilized and help a great deal to solve the energy shortage. It would not interfere with the river traffic. One does not need dams; a paddle wheel stuck out in the current would produce electricity.

The cost would not be as much as Desert Storm and produce more power than we have.

The problem is that if the government became involved in creating power it would interfere with free enterprise.

I remember in the '40s rural America was organizing electric cooperatives to bring power to the country. Free enterprise could not see any profit in stringing electric lines across rural Missouri with only three customers per mile. Now they want to take them over.

Evidently they (power companies) do not want cheap power for that would mean cheaper rates.

Water power is less expensive, it is available, it does not contaminate the environment, there is no waste and it can be used again and again.

In case of floods, why do we let all the water flow into the ocean? Surplus water could pumped into reservoirs and with proper management we could maintain a stable flow of water in our rivers at all times.

Is this a crazy idea or would it work?

I had the idea. You work out the details.

Chester Pulliam

Cape Girardeau