Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

I do not profess to have an answer to all of the ills that plaque America. However, I do know the one who has the answer. Since the beginning of time he has brought nations to great power and has brought nations of great power to their knees.

Like a flood, we are being told what our problems are and what is happening in our homes and on our streets as if we have lost all ability to discern these observations on our own. We are hearing from two political parties, two different points of view, with one message: You need us.

If you want prosperity, "You need us." If you want law and order, "You need us." If you want your children to learn, "You need us." If you want to be healthy and stay healthy, "You need us." If you want to remain a family, "You need us." To fix the ills of America, "You need us." This is what they are saying.

Children of God, take heed to what God is saying. He and he alone can promise all the above and perform it. In him put your trust. The words of men are empty and full of broken promises. "Fear not," says the Lord. He has not lost control, and he reigns in power to set rulers over nations and bring rulers over nations to their shame. Keep your eyes on the king of kings and cast a prayer before you cast a vote.


Cape Girardeau