Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

This is regarding the village of Allenville, which is approximately 15 miles south of Cape Girardeau. Just how would we go about getting some attention in this village?

When I was a child, Allenville was a thriving village. It had three trains running daily. There was a U.S. Post Office. A Tinsley service car came out twice a day to meet the trains and pick up passengers. There was a hotel, restaurant, two barber shops, two medical doctors, a school with approximately 60 to 65 children and two teachers, two general merchandise stores, two churches, a bank and a jail, which is still standing with the old iron bars missing.

We had a constable. There is a cemetery that is sadly neglected, and the entrance had been cut off.

The Diversion Channel and the other stream at Allenville need to be cleaned and have been reported to the Little River Drainage District and others.

Thanks to the person or persons who were instrumental in getting running water in the village.

We need reliable representation.


St. Louis