Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

I grew up on a farm in Cape Girardeau County. After being away, I am now back on the family farm. There have been many changes over the years. We now have indoor bathrooms with a nearly $5,000 government bureaucracy-approved septic system.

There have been other changes. There is a car-repair and salvage yard that borders the farm. I don't mind it a bit. The owner makes a living for his family, and those of you who have vintage cars can get parts there. On the other side of me a couple bought an older house and have remodeled and added on to it. It is now a show place. They did almost all of the work themselves without inspections, fees or government red tape.

A young family has a mobile home across the road from me. This also doesn't bother me. They both work hard. But because they are just starting out, this is all they can afford to have a place of their own.

There are other farms around me. They have livestock, and sometimes the cows get through a fence to my property. No problem. We just help them round the livestock up and get them back in. They also clean up the barns and barn lots and spread manure on their fields. While the smell isn't pleasant for a few days, I know this helps their soybeans, corn and hay grow, which helps to feed all of us.

Barking dogs? I love them. They let me know when something is going on that shouldn't be. They also bark and scare away all the coyotes in the county when they get too close.

I guess what I am saying is this is country living. You get to know your neighbors. You live and let live. And you try to help one another out when needed rather than try and tell everyone else what to do.

Please go to the polls and vote no on Cape Girardeau County planning and zoning in November.


Oak Ridge, Mo.