Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

The Speak Out caller who said the Nixon-Agnew administration was worse than Clinton-Gore really hasn't looked at these people. Agnew got into trouble because of things he did at the state level while governor of Maryland. He did not use the office of the vice president as a money machine to finance political operations. He didn't go out on illegal money-raising operations when he should have been doing the job he was being paid to do, which was doing the business of the American people. Granted, Spiro Agnew was no Boy Scout, but he did conduct the office of the vice president in the manner in which it should have been conducted. And he did have the grace to resign and leave, quietly, when he was called to account.

As for Clinton, he seems to be genetically flawed in that he lacks the genes that enable most of us to feel embarrassment or shame. No matter what the situation, when he is caught he can brazen it out. He lies, taking credit for all good things and disavowing anything unfavorable to his image and perceived legacy.

When things finally caught up with Nixon -- and it was apparent to all that he was, indeed, guilty -- the Republicans in Congress were prepared to vote to impeach and remove him from the presidency. Compare this with the reaction of the Democrats in Congress regarding Clinton. The fact is, Clinton could have been caught violating a Girl Scout on the south lawn of the White House, and the Democrats in Congress would let him slide. The Democratic Party is just that corrupt. It has sold its soul in the pursuit of getting and keeping power.

The Democrats, personified by Clinton and Al Gore, will say anything and do anything they perceive as being necessary to keep the White House and regain control of Congress.